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Sector:Hospitality & Tourism
Service Category: Print, Digital

The problem

Alitalia has built a structured and effective relationship program aimed at increasing customer loyalty. The programme is based on an intense scheduling of monthly communications (e-newsletter and DM), addressed to the Mille Miglia members of national and international markets.


The main issue is handling the intense and continuous changes on communications - these have a consistent impact on the progress and can make it difficult to plan deliveries in advance. Alitalia needed to find a way of working that ensured the best quality and cost efficiency. 

The solution

In 2011, Alitalia managed a total of 774 worldwide direct communication campaigns.


To achieve the highest efficiency with very tight deadline deliveries, RedWorks worked together with Ogilvy to develop new modular templates, adaptable to all communication needs. This led to time optimisation, on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction for the flexibility of the content management.

The work