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Sector:Health & Beauty
Service Category: Print, Translation, Creative

The problem

Avon used to work on brand communications with many agencies, without a centralised system of development or supervision from the agency side. This led to inconsistency of the message and brand image across the markets and was financially ineffective.


Splitting the duties and responsibilities amongst many agencies was not effective and made the client explore cost efficient alternatives.

The solution

RedWorks applied a centralised creative development process, which adapted creative materials to the local markets. Work is now handed over to one organisation and completely centralised.


With just one office handling and supervising the process, everything is faster, cheaper and better quality.


Work on the language (copy, creative, transcreation and local VO recording) is done with native speakers (copywriters and local VO artists) while visual adaptation (both TV and print materials) is processed centrally in one office. This improved way of working helps to control and supervise the quality of work and consistency of communication as well as minimising the cost of materials localisation.

The work