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Service Category: Print, Digital

The problem

At any given time BT are developing high volumes of marketing assets across multiple media channels to many different target audiences. As the consumer landscape becomes more disparate and fragmented, it is increasingly difficult for brands to find communications solutions which have the ability to deliver high volumes of work, across a multitude of formats, whilst maintaining quality and brand consistency. Traditional agencies can often make heavy work of this. This is exactly the problem that BT faced back in 2009. 

The solution

In 2009, working closely with OgilvyOne, RedWorks presented a new solution.


We split our work for BT into three different sections, dividing our offerings into separate categories: 'versioning tasks', 'creative work from existing ideas' and 'high-end creative work'. This allowed us to share the weight of production, adaptation and extension tasks with OgilvyOne and increase efficiencies for BT.

Our London BT team is made up of seven Project Managers, each working across different areas of the BT business: Vision, Infinity, Grow, Get, Retention and PlusNet.


RedWorks typically creates 20 email campaigns per month for BT ranging from simple version changes to new creative work. RedWorks also works on 100 print-based items per month, which can range from a simple telephone number change to a new creative idea. 

The work