Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment, Print, Digital, Creative

The problem

CDW has built a successful business selling boxes of hardware to IT professionals. But to stay successful, CDW needed to convince its customers that it could also deliver services and solutions, and go beyond the limitations of its box-pushing legacy.


CDW’s strategy for growth was to expand their nascent offering of IT services and solutions while maintaining their position in hardware. The mission was to change the perceptions of CDW among IT decision makers from that of the hardware "box-pusher" they knew and depended upon, into that of a provider of IT services and solutions for business-critical processes.

The solution

Using print, online, direct mail and TV communications, Ogilvy positioned CDW as the partner who understands the IT decision maker’s goals, challenges, and frustrations and has the services and solutions that can help them to be successful.


The RedWorks creative team worked side-by-side with the 360 agency team, creating direct mail, banner ads, and 40+ multi-segment and brand print ads for the campaign launch. The RedWorks studio team ensured a flawless, on-time delivery of production assets to multiple vendors and publications. The campaign was recognised with a 2012 Silver Effie in the National Electronics category.

The work