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Chengdu Pambassador
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Chengdu Pambassador

The problem

The Chengdu Panda Base is a world-renowned breeding and research facility for giant pandas. It hosted the 2012 Chengdu Pambassador Campaign, a competition which sought to offer panda lovers around the world the opportunity to become a 'Pambassador' for a year.  The initial phase of this competition was held through its ‘PandaQuest’ application on the company's Facebook page.


We needed to raise awareness of the Chengdu Panda Base and its conservation efforts in a market (Singapore) that had relatively low knowledge of the cause.  We needed to package the campaign messages in a relatable and interesting manner that would appeal to the masses.

The solution

RedWorks created a ‘Black & White Movement’ to support the global search for the Chengdu Pambassador 2012 and urged Singaporeans to pledge support to the cause, using the Panda’s iconic colours - black and white. Activities included tapping upon different channels such as ATL/BTL Marketing (Print Ads, Partnerships with Retailers, Fashion Designers, Musicians and Radio Stations), Digital Platforms (Facebook/Twitter and the "Who Cares" Viral Video) and Activation Events (The Panda Maze Exhibition, The Panda Rock Out Concert/Fashion Show). This mixed media allowed us to target different demographic groups.


To date, Singapore alone accounted for 20% of the total number of visits (401,000) to the Chengdu Pambassador's Facebook page, second only to the US market. There was also a turnout of 2,000 people dressed in black and white for The Panda Rock Out Concert.

The work