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The problem

Now and then, COSMOTE, the prominent mobile telecommunication company in Greece, sets out to communicate specific services, solutions and products to its consumers, through creative POS materials. Due to the fact that these materials are installed in COSMOTE shops and remain there for a considerable period of time, one of our basic concerns was to create a series of POS materials that would really stand out aesthetically, communicate the broad variety of products in a really impactful way, as well as be something that would be fun to look at and be around.

The solution

In order to be as innovative and creative as we could be, we presented a series of creative proposals, all based on an original visual concept: by transforming specific aspects found in means of transportation (from train to a bicycle) into specific devices or parts taken from products that are promoted and distributed by COSMOTE (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headphones etc), we created a whole new visual experience based on the merge of two different worlds. By combining this visual concept with the human element, the whole experience became really vivid and playful, and really stood out as unique and impactful, while maintaining a “retail feel” to it.

The work