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Digital TV Platform ‘n’
Sector:Media & Entertainment
Service Category: Video production, Imaging
Digital TV Platform ‘n’

The problem

Digital TV platform ‘n’ was perceived as being too cold and distant.


Ogilvy & Mather were asked to create a campaign which would warm up the brand image and broaden the target audience by making people view the company in a different and more positive light. 

The solution

Ogilvy and Mather created a 360º campaign based on the idea ‘We Release Fun!’ The brand logo was animated into funny, smart and likeable creatures with defined and diverse personalities – the ‘n’ creatures.


RedWorks was asked to bring the ‘n’ creatures to life. Using 3D modelling technology, combined with a real life background, the creatures were given human-like features and humorous personalities.


An Oscars nominated post-production studio was used for post and 3D production.


The campaign vastly exceeding anticipated communication goals – improving both brand awareness and brand image.

The work