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The problem

Last year, Ford Europe decided that their 20 European market sales companies needed to reduce their print production and delivery-to-media costs by 30%. By the nature of their sales and operations culture, these markets were not comfortable with change.


In addition, the retail side of the business demands flexibility and last minute decisions.


Ford’s media agency was tasked with demonstrating clear media savings via negotiations and alterations to media schedules.

The solution

RedWorks had solutions in place to ensure Ford created the efficiencies they desperately needed. One of these solutions was to offshore all digital pre-press adaptation and delivery-to-media service to Bucharest.


In addition, Ford’s 20 European markets made use of our fixed rate card costs for all adaptation and delivery. With no hidden extras , this ensured their spend was fixed and stable.


Furthermore, Ford Europe capped each market’s print production budget. This meant that they could utilise the excess to create a central fund, which covered specialised volumes for certain markets.


Owing to these modifications RedWorks made to the Ford business, the overall savings were estimated to reach over $630, 000. The projected savings from using the offshore model instead of the local solution was 37%. In addition, each and every project has been delivered on time.

The work