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Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
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Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

The problem

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada traditionally conducted one lottery campaign (known as the Heart & Stroke Lottery) in the province of Ontario twice a year. Experiencing problems with their own outside supplier, RedWorks Toronto was awarded the pre-media production for this lottery, and for the past 12 years RedWorks has successfully created both the mechanical files and the prepress files for this lottery.


In 2013, while still maintaining their traditional Heart & Stroke Lottery campaigns in Ontario, Heart & Stroke decided to roll out a new lottery campaign across multiple provinces – a Calendar Lottery.


Given our successful relationship with the client, Heart & Stroke approached RedWorks about this new piece of business. The lotteries, now extended to five, were scheduled to run simultaneously.


In order to win the new business, RedWorks needed to assure the client that we were capable of handling the increased workload within the overlapping and aggressive production time lines.

The solution

RedWorks Toronto needed to re-design their traditional workflow with the express purpose of speeding up production time while maintaining the quality of both the deliverables and the service.


Native file production was moved into the prepress department. Building and maintaining the files as ‘press-ready’ from inception through each revision pass, greatly reduced the time at the final prepress phase. As well, a tiered workflow was implemented for the creation of the newspaper builds, thus reducing the time spent in making revisions.


RedWorks Toronto was able to provide all of the deliverables within the allotted time without compromising the quality. As a result of the reduced production time, the cost per unit was also reduced and the savings were passed on to the client.

The work