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Creativity is in our DNA. RedWorks is a worldwide production network that has grown out of a creative agency. With this comes a certain pressure - if you visit any of our offices you immediately feel it in the air. We’re not a factory or a hub or a network; we’re individuals driven by quality, craftsmen, artists, architects and perfectionists. A new animal, an evolved hybrid dedicated to delivering for our clients in every single way. This is our culture.


At RedWorks, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Confident that we're the most efficient and optimised solution - our preference is for an output pricing model. This means set rates for set outputs. We believe this is the most effective method for all parties. It encourages us to run the business as efficiently as possible while enabling our clients to forecast spend quickly and accurately. With “pay as you go”, clients can also avoid incurring costs during low activity times.


Each and every one of our clients is different and though they face similar challenges, no two RedWorks service solutions are exactly the same. Starting with our 6-stage analytics methodology and utilising our network infrastructure and underlying technology platforms, we design service models specifically tailored to a client’s needs. This flexibility is a key differentiator in the marketplace. 


RedWorks has been helping clients find efficiencies in the development and delivery of marketing communications for well over a decade. As pioneers in this field, we’ve developed many client solutions that provide efficient ways to manage marketing activities and the supply chain. These systems greatly improve our clients’ marketing and workflow processes and outputs. They allow our clients to develop better brand messages across all media, whilst enabling them to measure and track expenditure, campaign effectiveness and return on investment via comprehensive activity reporting.


The RedWorks network is truly global and consists of 48 offices across 37 countries with almost 2,000 full time employees and counting. Whilst we’re strong as individual offices, we’re formidable when we leverage the power of our network. ‘Right sourcing’ is what we call seeking out the very best and most efficient resource within our network in order to fulfill any executional brief. This might mean harnessing one of our 100%-owned hubs for specific needs. For example, RedWorks Vietnam is a mobile specialist hub; Bucharest is a cost efficient, regional hub.

Right sourcing = agreed pricing, agreed quality within agreed turn times, utilising the most appropriate RedWorks worldwide resource capabilities.