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Sector:Technology, Telecommunications
Service Category: Mobile, Digital, Consulting

The problem

Huawei’s mission is to connect everything, everyone, everywhere, because once they do, anything is possible. The challenge was how to take the over-arching brand mission and deliver it in an engaging way to consumers. For the 2013 holiday season, we helped them to achieve this mission through the campaign ‘Unlock Possibilities’, the first global campaign after  Huawei launched its ‘Make it Possible’ positioning,

The solution

In a joint effort between RedWorks Beijing and Vietnam, we created a promotion that incites consumers to connect with Huawei and each other. In the holiday season, gift boxes are symbols of connections, so we created virtual gift boxes, which users had to unlock with the help of their friends to win the prize that was inside.


The game was based around the mechanic of a slot machine, where users had 3 spins to match the icon of the prize on their side of the box, unlocking their half. If successful, they could pass it to a friend to unlock the other side. If both friends successfully unlocked their side, both won the prize. 


This was a global campaign, launched in over 30 countries, and 15 languages.  


The work