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Service Category: Print, Digital

The problem

As a global brand operating out of many countries, IBM’s marketing supplier base had become increasingly large and costs were rocketing as pressure was being placed on marketing budgets. Not only was this highly inefficient but it also led to issues with consistency of the brand.


Regional IBM offices were using local suppliers to produce bespoke campaigns which made global management of the IBM brand difficult and led to "off brand" work being produced in local markets. This led to erosion of the global brand equity of IBM.


IBM needed to quickly and efficiently get their brand consistency on track. 

The solution

RedWorks and IBM worked together to rationalise IBM's supplier base. Ogilvy Paris was the European hub for campaign creation, and RedWorks was responsible for local market adaptation and project delivery through the central RedWorks hub in Romania.


Since this solution was initiated by RedWorks, both enormous cost and time benefits have been delivered through economies of scale for print, digital marketing and websites. IBM have also acknowledged RedWorks superior level of brand management and control of marketing activity, both in quality and price.


After working with Ogilvy and RedWorks, those who have been exposed to IBM’s campaigns are 66% more likely to be open to doing business with them. In addition IBM’s stock price has increased by 21%. 

The work