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Sector:Food & Beverage
Service Category: Print, Creative

The problem

When Christmas time approaches, Kraft has a tradition of giving away some of its products as gifts to its partners. The package that holds all the Kraft sweet treats is usually a construction designed to make the gift feel extra special.


Kraft wanted a fresh design concept that would make not only make the gift unique and extraordinary but also make the recipient want to hold on to it beyond Christmas.

The solution

RedWorks approached the challenge in a way that Kraft had never used before. We developed a fully custom-made design, which both captured the essence of Christmas and made the gift look deliciously inviting. Both Kraft and their clients loved it. It was the idea of giving each gift a personal touch that won the hearts of each recipient. RedWorks took the aesthetics of a corporate gift to a whole new level and made it meaningful. RedWorks had created the ultimate gift box by simply thinking outside the box.

The work