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Unilever Food Solutions unveils Food Trends Video Series

Thursday, 31. July 2014

Asia is a gastronomic melting pot of international food influences. It was therefore only appropriate for our Singapore Broadcast team to conceptualize, script, direct and produce Unilever’s ‘Food Trends’ online video series.

RedWorks Ireland Gives Lynx Effect a Launch

Wednesday, 18. June 2014

Who says producing great work isn't rocket science. We did the math, we squared the circles, we took a small step where no agency had gone before. And we built this pretty darn cool flight simulator game for Lynx. As soon as we launched, it really took off. Thousands of very happy consumers. One very happy client. 





RedWorks NY Helps American Express Lure Tech Talent

Friday, 23. May 2014

Known mainly as a financial services company, American Express is in the midst of a digital transformation. Hoping to recruit the best and brightest talent to help evolve their online and mobile offerings, they turned to RedWorks New York to tell the story of life and work in Technology at American Express.

RedWorks Atlanta continues to grow the Coca-Cola ​Freestyle ​relationship

Wednesday, 30. April 2014

The office has won several new projects, including management of the 2014 Freestyle Customer Geofencing campaign, utilizing GPS technology to deliver​​ localized offers through the app ​and drive customers into ​Coca-Cola ​Freestyle ​partners such as Safeway, Fuddruckers and Schlotzsky's ​Bakery/Cafe.

RedWorks sets the bar for IBM video

Wednesday, 8. January 2014

It started with a call from the IBM brand team to help produce videos for the IBM ThinkFriday series. The ThinkFriday programme was developed to help all 425,000 IBMers around the world to connect online every month to learn about IBM’s most critical initiatives. 

RedWorks and WPP Pick Up Gold for The WIRE Online

Thursday, 7. November 2013

The award-winning digital version of WPP’s global newspaper, The WIRE, has won big yet again. In October this year, The WIRE team and RedWorks beat 22 other entries to secure Gold for the Best Online Magazine at Mercomm’s US-based annual international Galaxy Awards.

RedWorks New York Celebrates Hellmann's 100th Anniversary

Friday, 25. October 2013

Another collaboration proved successful when RedWorks New York partnered with Ogilvy Entertainment on Hellmann’s 100th Anniversary campaign. All the great work done so far in 2013 culminated into one big celebration held at Hudson River Park Pier 84, which is close by to where Richard Hellmann’s original deli stood.