RedWorks sets the bar for IBM video ›

It started with a call from the IBM brand team to help produce videos for the IBM ThinkFriday series. The ThinkFriday programme was developed to help all 425,000 IBMers around the world to connect online every month to learn about IBM’s most critical initiatives. 

The Big Data & Analytics video created by RedWorks New York was chosen to promote the event, and was emailed to all prospective participants. This led to RedWorks creating more smart work that they could be proud of, including a video for the next series on Mobile. While the agency loved the work, the client always has the final say. And here is what the IBM Brand Systems Strategy Vice President, Ed Bevan, said: 'Wow. You guys may have just set a new bar for this.' 

RedWorks New York is continuing to build the IBM video business with over 12 video projects across multiple IBM divisions including the Software and Server Groups, Mid Market and Brand that are either in the works, or about to be briefed.