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Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment, Print

The problem

Ogilvy CommonHealth proposed an application for Pfizer Korea as part of the programme set up to promote Pfizer’s offers to patients.  It was an opportunity to introduce differentiated marketing strategies against the leading domestic pharmaceutical company in the haemophilia market in Korea, Green Cross.


Other production agencies wanted more than 40 million Korean Won ($40,000) for the production due to the high level of expertise needed to successfully execute the creative work process of healthcare products. But Pfizer Korea didn’t have the budget.


 Also, neither Ogilvy CommonHealth nor Pfizer Korea had any experience in creating applications.

The solution

Together with Ogilvy CommonHealth’s insight into healthcare products, RedWorks developed an application to help haemophilia patients comply with the self-injection.


With our considerable experience in creating applications we helped Ogilvy CommonHealth develop the very first Diary application for haemophilia patients with effective functions and storytelling design.


At RedWorks we are also experts at digital and managed to raise 70 million Korean Won in revenue by reducing 25% of the production fee compared to the fees other production agencies required for the same scope of work. The application was successful enough to be recognised as the key success of the campaign and also contributed to the high recognition of Pfizer in Korea's haemophilia community.  

The work