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Sector:Energy & Utilities, Retail
Service Category: Events

The problem

Philips needed to find an innovative and effective way to target consumers' low awareness and understanding of the energy saving nature of LED light bulbs. LED bulbs were perceived as being expensive in comparison to other light bulbs and as a result, consumers were reluctant to purchase them. Something needed to change.


The solution

In 2013 RedWorks launched the "See What LED Can Do" campaign alongside Geometry Jakarta, and entirely lit up the Monas Tower with multicolour LED lamps to show the energy saving quality of these bulbs on a grand scale. 


RedWorks produced and installed all assets for the monument lighting and surrounding event including an illuminated entry corridor, LED information displays and, ultimately, the extraordinary multicolour illumination of the Monas Tower itself. The amount of media presence at the event was exceptional - the largest scale of publicity the LED industry had ever known.

The work