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Sector:Financial Services
Service Category: Video production

The problem

Although Prudential has over 35,000 financial consultants spread across Asia, they needed help to market high-end investment products to affluent Asians.


PruVantage is Prudential's premiere product but it had a relatively low profile. Prudential’s agents needed a simple door opener to showcase it.

The solution

RedWorks developed an engaging and insightful brand manifesto video that veered away from hard sell.  Instead we took a softer approach that showed in a concise and clear way how Prudential financial consultants understand the advantages and responsibilities that come with having money.


The video, which could be uploaded onto our customers’ electronic devices, introduced the PruVantage suite of products in a soft, engaging and holistic way. Because Prudential's brand positioning is 'Always listening and understanding,' it positioned the financial consultants as more than just an advisor, but as a trusted friend.


The video has proven a very effective way to target the affluent segment of Prudential’s Asian market.

The work