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Sector:Charity, Health & Beauty
Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment, Print, Digital
Public Health England

The problem

In January, Public Health England wanted to launch a new Smart Swaps integrated campaign to tie in with New Year, when people are considering new ways of improving their behaviour and habits. People feel positive and motivated to make a change at the beginning of a year so we capitalised on a time when people are particularly open to changing behaviour. Just looking to make one change or habit is proven to be most effective and we looked to make this as easy as possible.


The solution

The campaign aims at helping families and individuals remove harmful sugars and fats from their diet by making simple like-for-like swaps. To achieve this, RedWorks was involved in delivering two fundamental aspects of the campaign.


Direct Mail - Smart Swapper healthy swap meal ideas, a letter with motivational fridge magnets and vouchers attached. These were conceived, designed and created within the RedWorks studio.


Digital - The online journey, including the design and copywriting of a complete user signup that worked across desktop, tablet and mobile as well as a supplementary email and SMS programme to support users throughout the campaign.


The total number of sign-ups to date is 345,881 - 87% of the high target and 166% of the medium target, having been as high as 96% of the high target at the height of the campaign.

The work