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Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment

The problem

Sankyo Alumi is a new brand in manufacturing aluminium window frames among many other well-established brands in the market. As a latecomer, it had to quickly build its brand awareness as well as its premium brand image in the market.

The solution

To differentiate Sankyo Alumi from their competition and to quickly build it up as a premium Japanese brand, RedWorks created an incredibly successful campaign. We used the celebrity Vivian who is an internationally known, successful Taiwanese singer and actress. She lived in Japan, she speaks fluent Japanese and understands Japanese culture, therefore was a credible endorser for a premium Japanese brand. RedWorks created a campaign to highlight Sankyo's brand name and its benefit through the storyline of Vivian teaching Japanese to a little girl. The campaign was a hit with customers and was also reported on in Taiwan's leading advertising and marketing magazine.

The work