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Sector:Health & Beauty
Service Category: Print, Creative

The problem

Sarantis’ B.U .fragrance series is a popular choice among young people (15 to 25 year olds). It stands out for both the design of the packaging and bottles, as well as the quality of the fragrance itself.


Now a new fragrance in the series needed a name as well as packaging design for the box and the bottle. The brief was to capture the freshness and sparkle of a young woman who lives her life like a fairy-tale and fulfils all of her desires and dreams.

The solution

RedWorks explored many names and design possibilities before settling on a variation of the fairy tale name Cinderella: 'Fancy Cinderella'. However we gave the traditional story an urban twist that reflected the modern young woman who wants to be different and inspiring to her friends.


We added a fresh and contemporary feel to the core visual elements, whilst maintaining a fairy tale element. Our approach was wholly embraced by the client and consumers alike and sparked a monumental increase in sales.

The work