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RedTrax is our world-class, proprietary, global workflow management technology and asset management tool. It is designed to increase speed-to-market and minimise re-work. Unlike our competitors who repurpose off-the-shelf software to production needs, we created RedTrax from scratch. Designed specifically with advertising in mind. RedTrax allows you to manage all your marketing campaigns by enabling you to review, comment on, approve and sign-off marketing materials in real time from anywhere in the world.

With marketing materials arriving faster, marketeers save time chasing approvals, making amends and seeking sign-off, especially as users can see any project at any time from any web browser, tablet or mobile device, regardless of where they are in the world.  Also, as workflow is standardised, real-time reports can be produced and used to understand, refine and improve the management of marketing materials. Used as a tool for integrated reporting, RedTrax has a highly detailed view of each core network metric. This all helps track efficiencies and diagnose operational issues before they turn into roadblocks.

We’ve been offering rights management, legal contract review, purchase negotiation and digital asset management services to clients for more than a decade. Our Fortune 100 clients include IBM, Amex, SCJohnson UPS and British Airways.

As a proprietary, global platform with adaptable specialised modules, RedTrax has a number of benefits. It ensures brand consistency by centralising assets. Offering visibility to assets produced all around the world also eliminates duplication in the localisation process and photographic purchasing. In addition, RedTrax reduces the risk of litigation due to copyright infringement. Ultimately, RedTrax increases speed to market and promotes cost reduction and savings.