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After investing all that time developing campaign materials and creative concepts the last thing you want is for your message to be lost in translation when you to roll out the campaign to global markets. At RedWorks, we ensure that the creative intent and message of the campaign is communicated consistently across markets and cultures, using an array of language services. Spanning 128 countries and 100 languages, our extensive network includes 350 copywriters and 1000 translators across the globe. Importantly, each resides in their native market. We have best-in-class, multilingual project management teams based in London, New York, Singapore, Warsaw and Sao Paulo, translating everything from research concepts to final materials.

Translation – This is the direct word-for-word adaptation of copy from one source language into another by a translator. Translations are factual and precise; they are useful for straightforward text, brochure and copy literature.

Transcreation - Performed by copywriters, the goal of transcreation isn’t to say the same thing in another language but to evoke the same emotion and reaction in each language, leveraging both linguistic and cultural expertise to deliver the message and brand voice to the target audience in each local market. With a deep understanding of your brand, we balance global consistency with local resonance.

Local Market Creative – In order to be successful at a local level, we employ local market creative teams who creatively adapt your communications taking into account local knowledge and issues. They will take your core idea and communicate it effectively using the copy and visuals necessary to convey this message, applying sensitivity to relevant issues and taking advantage of market knowledge.