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Tesco Lifespace Shopping Mall
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Tesco Lifespace Shopping Mall

The problem

Tesco Lifespace wanted to change their promotion materials from the old tried and tested style design to a new, exciting and fashionable one. However, local agencies had limited ideas and materials and designs were neither presented effectively nor cohesively to the public.


Tesco Lifespace needed design guidelines that would insure local agencies would provide visual materials that were communicated successfully and consistently.

The solution

RedWorks separated the style guide into four parts: basic elements, point of sale material, premium design presentation and the photo library.


We listed all of the design details that could then be delivered by local agencies across China within a month, coming up with over 70 different deliverables. The new guidelines were well received by both the Tesco China management team as well as all local marketing teams.


What’s more, since its launch, the error rate by local agencies has been significantly reduced and the overall visual presentations have been seen as consistent and professional in all local malls. 

The work