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Sector:Media & Entertainment
Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment, Mobile, Print, Digital, Video production
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The problem

The assignment was to develop communications to introduce and drive traffic for a unique iPad app that presents an unprecedented journalistic photography experience though a library of award winning images and providing the insights of the photographers who were there to capture these world events.

The solution

Our ‘aha!’ moment came when we demo-ed the app ourselves and could not put it down. We realised the ‘magic’ of the app was that it actually gave the camera lens a voice, so people could dig deeper into stories and explore more. This lead to a 'seeing is believing' strategy and a multimedia site experience that teases and replicates the tool's functionality. Assets include an introductory video, digital banners, a landing page, print ads and e-mails. We have succeeded in generating extremely high engagement, with 85% of clicks downloading the app. The Wider Image app won a place as an Editor's Choice on iTunes and ranks in the top 10 for free apps, number two in the photo and video category. 

The work