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Tiger Beer
Sector:Food & Beverage
Service Category: 360 Integrated Campaign Fulfilment, Digital, Events
Tiger Beer

The problem

Tiger Translate is an event from Tiger Beer which aims to celebrate global creativity through the exposure of different cultures and experiences. Bringing creative artists from the East and West together, they showcase their artistic collaborations spanning areas of music, design and art, fashion, dance, photography and more. In China this year, the theme of translate was underground rock which is considered to be a core element of youth fashion in China.

The solution

RedWorks Shanghai was requested to help to create this innovative event. By incorporating rock music into the event, RedWorks Shanghai gave Tiger Beer a clear differentiator from other brands and also gave Tiger Beer a more edgy feel. There were a total of four phases for this event: recruiting, auditions, city final and grand final in five cities. In each phase PR/media/digital PR were involved to make a 360° media and publicity campaign for Tiger Translate. Over 2, 000 people experienced the Tiger Translate rock spirit during the event and brand awareness and popularity increased hugely.

The work