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The problem

WuFangZhai (WFZ) is a famous ZheJiang with close to 100 years of history. It is renowned for its quality, unique tastes and variety of flavours and has the reputation of being ‘King of Southern Dumplings’. It is a calling card for the city of Jiaxing. With its geographical location, cultural heritage and reputable high quality products, WFZ has become the cultural ambassador of Jiaxing.


Western fast food has posed an increasing challenge to the local food and beverage industry. As one of the established Old World Brands, WFZ needed to reinvent and update themselves in order to attract new, younger consumers.

The solution

Because WFZ is a prestigious food brand in China with nearly 100 years of history, we kept the original logo and type in order to acknowledge this long history and heritage. However, we also needed to adapt to the contemporary fast-growing market so we added additional elements to upgrade the brand's image. 

Based on the developed brand DNA, we developed new product packaging using different, ‘younger’ colours for the target audience. 

In the year 2012, the gift packages produced astonishing sales growth. For example the sales of the gift box called '和家五芳' grew from 64,000 boxes to 250,000 boxes (a 288.89% increase).

The work